Cannabis Accessories: 16 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

By WeedWeek Sep 11, 2020

For those who love marijuana and all the lifestyle benefits it can provide, it can be fun to accessorize. There are a multitude of cannabis accessories for every style of smoking, whether you prefer vaporizing, smoking, or eating your weed. Cannabis accessories can also help keep your passion for weed discrete, which can come in handy wherever marijuana is unfortunately less socially acceptable. 

Below is a list of 16 cannabis accessories you may want to consider incorporating into your weed routine. 

1. Cannabis Accessories: Ashtrays

An ashtray is standard equipment for anyone who likes smoking marijuana in the form of joints, hash, and pipes, but doesn’t want ash covering your coffee table or discarded cherries burning holes through your sofa cushions. The classic glass ashtray can be found in smoking sections of restaurants around the world, or you can select from a wide range of novelty ashtrays to add an extra creative flair to your coffee table. 

2. Cannabis Accessories: Bongs  

The advantage to bongs is their ability to lower the temperature of smoke before it hits your lungs, helping avoid the scorched-earth feeling that joints can leave in your throat. A bong is composed of a water-filled chamber – hence their nickname “water pipes” – a long neck for inhalation, and a filter-lined bowl in which marijuana products like flowers and hash are placed. While smoking a bong isn’t necessarily healthier for your lungs than other forms of smoking, it can be a more comfortable experience. 

3. Cannabis Accessories: Eye drops   

Eye drops are generally a saline-based solution used to relieve dry, itchy or red eyes. Consuming marijuana can cause reddened eyes because the cannabinoid THC lowers blood pressure in the human body, causing capillaries and blood vessels to dilate. This dilation results in increased blood flow, which gives eyes the appearance of redness. You can find certain brands of eye drops that are specifically formulated to treat red eyes due to weed consumption. 

4. Glass Piece Cleaning Solution   

Smoking weed can be sticky business. Glass smoking accessories ranging from pipes to bongs, tend to accumulate the resin from marijuana and products like hash, leaving brownish sticky residues on surfaces. Resins can also clog pipes and reduce the efficiency of your glassware. It is important to keep your glass pieces clean to maximize their function as well as look more presentable. 

There are various ways to clean your glassware, from boiling water to solutions made of baking soda and vinegar. There are also a variety of ready-made glass piece cleaning solutions available for purchase.

5. Glass pipe

A glass pipe is a device used for smoking dried marijuana and marijuana products such as hash. Although more delicate than a wooden pipe or even a regular rolled joint, glass pipes offer a smoother experience that allows for uninterrupted enjoyment of the terpene profile of weed, without contamination of other flavors such as burning paper. Glass pipes come in a variety of colors and patterns, available at head shops both online and brick and mortar. 

6. Good cleaners and brushes   

Bongs, pipes and other glass cannabis accessories need to be kept clean in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Because these smoking paraphernalia can have narrow, twisting passages – the downstems of bongs or bowls of pipes, for example –  it’s a good idea to pick up specially-designed cleaning tools to help reach marijuana resin wherever it accumulates. Kits including a variety of sized brushes, along with specially-formulated cleaners, will help keep your glassware in tip-top shape.   

7. Grinder   

Grinders are designed to break down the buds, leaves and flowers of the cannabis sativa plant, preparing the marijuana for consumption in joints, pipes, or even cannabis infusions. Grinders can be electric (think coffee grinders) or manually-operated, and can feature built-in screens and “catch trays”, which collect the sift from cannabis that can be turned into hash

8. Lighter   

Lighters are handy for lighting up joints, bongs, pipes and for hash products like hot knives. Selections once ranged from cheap gas-station lighters to replace the ones your friend failed to return to you, to Zippos with the fancy flip-back cap. But the lighters of today are getting markedly more technological. Flameless lighters, using electricity rather than butane, are becoming more popular. While not a good option for bongs or pipes, flameless lighters are great for joints and are a more eco-friendly option since they can be rechargeable. 

9. Nuggy Multi-tool   

Imagine a Swiss Army Knife designed expressly for cannabis consumption, and you’ll have the Nuggy Multi-tool. The Nuggy is equipped with 10 different tools: 

  1. A scraper
  2. A tamper
  3. A clip
  4. A pick
  5. A scoop
  6. A flathead screwdriver
  7. A bottle opener
  8. An LED light
  9. Scissors
  10. A knife

With its compact shape that can fit easily into a pocket or purse, the Nuggy is one of the most versatile cannabis accessories.

10. Odor Proof Bags   

Odor proof bags help seal in the aromas of cannabis so that you can carry bud or products with you on the go without turning heads. With products ranging from ziplock plastic bags to entire backpacks, odor proof bags can help you indulge your love of cannabis on the down-low. 

11. One Hitter Dugout   

A one hitter dugout allows for a quick hit of cannabis in a discrete fashion. The container resembles a flask, and can be made of a variety of materials including wood and metal. Inside the case is the one-hitter pipe, which can also be made from a variety of materials like bamboo and glass. Cannabis is packed into the pipe using a long poker. Vape pens are also available as one hitter dugout. 

12. Pipe   

While glass cannabis pipes tend to dominate the mirrored shelves of head shops everywhere, there are a wide variety of materials and designs pipes can come in. Stone, wood, ceramic, and metal all have certain benefits – so it’s best to decide what you’re looking for in a pipe. A wooden pipe will be more durable than glass, however the aroma and flavor of the cannabis may be affected due to the porous nature of wood. Sturdiest of all are metal pipes, however they can become very hot, and can give off a metallic taste. However, for outdoor adventurers who need to pack a pipe of some kind, metal may be the way to go. 

13. Rolling Machine   

If you’ve got clumsy fingers, then a rolling machine may be a tool you’ll want to add to your cannabis accessory closet. Especially if you’re rolling multiple joints at a time, say for a big party or some pre-rolls to pack in your backpack for the day, rolling machines can reduce the time it takes to create a joint, turning them out in about a minute. While the name “rolling machine” can give the illusion of power chords and multiple mechanical parts, it is in fact a simple tool that involves manual power with minimal dexterity required. 

14. Rolling Papers   

You can’t have a joint without rolling papers. These small, rectangular pieces of paper designed to contain dried cannabis or tobacco. A strip of adhesive lines one side of the rolling paper which becomes active when moistened – functioning similarly to an envelope seal. Rolling papers are generally made as thin as possible in order to reduce the amount of material inhaled into the lungs, and are available at many convenience stores (although, as with any tobacco product, a person must be over 21 years of age in order to purchase them). 

15. Storage Containers   

In order to store dried marijuana for long periods of time, it’s critical to ensure the correct conditions to prevent mold or other pathogens from ruining your stash. Humidity is a major culprit of unwanted growths, so ensuring your mairjuana isn’t too moist is important. On the other hand, allowing too much air exposure will make the marijuana stale. Mason jars with airtight seals are one option, however there products such as the Cannador® airtight box that help ensure the perfect conditions. 

16. Vaporizer   

Vaporizers are a great way to consume cannabis without having to inhale the type of smoke you would with joints or bongs, which can be filled with toxic and carcinogenic properties. Vaporizers work by heating marijuana to a point just below combustion, where only the cannabinoids are released. 

There are three types of vaporizers commonly available on the market today. Vape pens and portable vaporizers are both ideal for carrying around throughout your day. Using a conduction heating method, these pens often rely on cannabinoid-infused oil as the delivery mechanism. Then there are desktop vaporizers which can deliver a high quality vapor through convection heating.  


Whether you’re a vaper, smoker, or more versatile in your preferences; if you’re just starting out on your journey with marijuana or a seasoned aficionado, collecting a few favorite cannabis accessories can make your marijuana experience more enjoyable than ever.