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Glass House withdraws defamation suit against Catalyst
Glass House withdrew a defamation suit against rival Catalyst. Last June, Glass House sued Catalyst after Catalyst CEO Elliot Lewis alleged on social media and in a lawsuit that Glass House is a major diverter of product to the illegal Read More...

SCOOP: Billionaire investor foreclosing on Eaze

Tech billionaire Jim Clark is foreclosing on Eaze, California's leading delivery service, in which he is the largest investor. In a statement, Eaze CEO Cory Azzalino said the company would continue operating during the foreclosure process.   In a May...

SCOOP: Glass House resisting discovery order, Catalyst says

Retailer Catalyst alleges rival Glass House is violating a court order in a closely watched lawsuit between two of the California industry's key operators. In a court filing, Catalyst argues that Glass House's failure to turn over documents indicates it...

Planet 13 bets big on Florida

Planet 13 is known for known for it huge dispensaries. Its Santa Ana shop is the largest in California. Its 100,000+ square foot “entertainment complex” in Las Vegas is the world's largest pot shop, with separate consumption spaces for cannabis...

4/20: A Boon for Pre-Roll Sales Amid Varied Market Trends

In the cannabis industry, no date sparks a surge in sales quite like April 20th. Often considered the ultimate cannabis holiday, 4/20 annually triggers a massive spike in consumer purchases. This year, despite a slight overall downturn in cannabis sales...

What re-scheduling means, and doesn’t

Assuming it goes through, this week's news that the Biden administration plans to move marijuana to Schedule III is the biggest pot policy news since President Nixon launched the war on drugs in the early 1970s, and made marijuana Schedule...

EXCLUSIVE: A SoCal city’s permitting enters uncharted terrain

Two years ago, the retail permitting situation in Chula Vista, south of San Diego, was a “disaster.” Today it’s beyond that.And a recent judicial order could force it to revoke the permits of dispensaries that are currently operating, an apparently...

Lawsuit alleges SoCal city extorted licensees

As the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) tries to expand the number of cities and counties with cannabis businesses, an April lawsuit details how local officials in one SoCal city allegedly blocked a group of cannabis businesses from opening for...

The Best 420 Deals in Los Angeles for 2024

Are you looking for the best cannabis discounts and events for April.20.2024 in Los Angeles? Today we’re putting a spotlight on the LAX Cannabis Club dispensary, which is conveniently located a short drive from the LAX airport. Therefore, it's the...

What should Calif. do about hemp?

Last week, the California State Assembly’s Business and Professions Committee unanimously cleared a bill that would require intoxicating, hemp-derived products to be regulated much like licensed cannabis and sold in dispensaries. The 18-0 vote indicates lawmaker interest in addressing an...

“We will strike, period!” Eaze workers escalate walkout threat

Eaze drivers stepped up their rhetoric about poor pay and treatment, as their threat of a 4/20 strike looms.At an event in Los Angeles Wednesday, Eaze workers with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) spoke about struggling to...

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