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Calif. distru. wars: Herbl vs. Nabis and Raw Garden lawsuit gets nasty
California’s two leading distributors Herbl and Nabis and one of its top concentrate makers, Raw Garden, are locked in a nasty legal battle over Raw Garden’s switch from Herbl to Nabis early this year.On January 7, John de Friel, CEO Read More...

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Jungle Boys hit with labor lawsuit

Two former-employees have sued companies affiliated with SoCal operator Jungle Boys, alleging wrongful termination, unlawful retaliation, failure to pay all wages due and “false imprisonment” among other claims. The 45-page complaint also alleges that the defendants did not allow pregnant...

Seven brands with innovative business models

When a brand enters the California market, it has a choice: It can be the 500th (or so) flower brand, the 500th vape brand, the 500th concentrates brand or the 500th edibles brand. In a climate so close to perfect...

“We’re in a very tight spot,” Eaze exec tells team

Delivery app Eaze’s survival was in question before it acquired Colorado-based retailer Green Dragon, executives told staff in a Zoom meeting this month, a recording of which was shared with WeedWeek. The sometimes contentious meeting between the company's leadership and...

Herbl or Nabis: Which one’s for you?

There are more than 1,000 active distributor licenses in California, but for ambitious brands two companies are bound to come up in every conversation: Herbl and Nabis. Both companies move move product from factories to warehouses and dispensaries, and handle...

SCOOP: Eaze hit by data breach

A data breach compromised the personal information of present and former employees at delivery app Eaze, according to current and former employees. The leak represents the latest challenge for the company as it adjusts to the merger with Colorado-based retailer...

Cool kids share plan to save Calif. cannabis

With the public comment period for the state's proposed regulatory changes closing on April 19, cannatech company Meadow and its community minded CEO David Hua, convened a series of discussions on what the industry needs from Sacramento. The result can...

Eaze resists unionization push: UFCW

Delivery app Eaze, one of the largest cannabis retailers in California, has become more resistant to unionization efforts since merging with Colorado-based retailer Green Dragon, according to United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 5 organizer Jim Araby.Before the merger,...

Why did TPCO write down $654M?

The Parent Company, also known as TPCO Holding, is the latest player humbled by California's unforgiving market.TPCO began 2021 as arguably the brightest star in California's firmament. It had: 1) A headline grabbing (and expensive) partnership with Jay-Z and his...

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