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Beach city political brawls capture Calif. industry frustrations
Bitterly contested ballot initiatives on whether to allow dispensaries in three SoCal beach cities could have far reaching implications for retailers trying to access consumers, an ongoing concern for California’s beleaguered cannabiz. The measures have attracted fierce criticism from local Read More...

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Eaze CEO Rogelio Choy departs

Rogelio Choy, who led delivery service Eaze for four tumultuous years, has stepped down. He's been replaced by executive Cory Azzalino.The news comes days after Jon Avidor departed the top job at Stiiizy parent company Shryne Group, another big California...

SCOOP: SHO Products strikes back, sues Puffco for patent infringement

SHO Products, maker of the Focus V Carta e-rig, sued Puffco for patent infringement this week, escalating its legal battle with the rival dabbing device maker.(Read the complaint.) (Legal research supported by UniCourt.)First released in 2018, Puffco's Peak rig, sometimes...

Why Wana Brands left California

Wana Brands CEO Nancy Whiteman knows the state markets as well as anyone in weed. She has grown the company to 15 markets including Canada since launching 12 years ago in Colorado. The company is profitable in every one she...

EXCLUSIVE: We tested top Calif. prerolls for potency inflation

A WeedWeek test of seven California preroll brands suggests potency inflation is close to ubiquitous in the product category. Retailers consider potency and price the key differentiators that can move product. THC drives sales, which tilts retailers' buying decisions towards the...

Surprise armed inspections rattle Humboldt farmers

Armed state officials convoyed through through southern Humboldt County last week conducting surprise inspections on licensed cannabis farms.The actions, which left farmers feeling targeted and disrespected, were conducted to look for illegal water diversions in the badly depleted Redwood Creek...

Executive Q&A: Josh Joseph, Big Plan Holdings

Josh Joseph is CEO of Big Plan Holdings, a diversified family holding company.  He started previously co-founded Grassroots Cannabis, which was acquired by MSO Curaleaf.   Where is Tennessee in terms of deregulating cannabis? Do you see progress happening sooner or...

Calif. cannabiz defeats label bill, for now

The cannabiz scored a big win in Sacramento this week with the defeat of legislation that would have added bright yellow warning labels and “graphic” language to weed packaging. Supporters of the Right to Know Act shelved their bill after...

California’s lab results put to the test

There’s a dirty little secret in the California cannabis industry: you may not be getting the amount of THC you’re paying for.Why? It’s well known that California’s cannabis consumers are willing to pay more for higher THC potency. As a...