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DCC’s interstate trade memo: An analysis
This week the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) sent a memo to California Attorney General Rob Bonta requesting a legal opinion on whether interstate trade poses a "significant risk to the state of California." Last year Gov. Gavin Newsom Read More...

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SCOOP: Kingroll responds to potency fraud suit

In September, WeedWeek published a story which found samples from seven out of seven prominent California pre-roll brands contained less THC than stated on their label. Since then, at least six brands, four of which were included in the WeedWeek...

Seven ways to see a debt crisis

No one denies that the California cannabiz faces a debt crisis. As insiders described recently to Green Market Report, years of unpaid bills and taxes are building to a “mass extinction event,” for the state industry.Making the problem worse, distributors...

A new pot tax headache in LA

The new year has a new tax headache in store for retailers in LA and some other cities. Despite efforts by the state to lower pot taxes to combat the illegal market, the accounting issue could raise taxes for some...

Does CBN help with sleep?

As brands struggle to differentiate themselves, a number have added so-called “minor cannabinoids” to their products. These compounds are derived from the plant, like THC and CBD, but less familiar to both consumers and scientists. They include cannabigerol (CBG), the...

Did National City award licenses to “fronts”?

On Tuesday, National City — between San Diego and Chula Vista — approved its first two dispensaries and a consumption lounge, the first in San Diego County. The storefronts went to Stiiizy and Off The Charts, two out-of-town companies which both benefitted from a...

Yes, Cann has a plan

Microdose beverage brand Cann loses money on every can it sells. When you’ve sold more than 10M — more units than any other infused drink brand, co-founder Luke Anderson says — that begins to add up.The losses are under control,...

EXCLUSIVE: How the illegal weed market games Google

In April, Google disabled its business listing for The Artist Tree’s shop on LA’s Beverly Blvd.The suspension came after the listing, on Google’s equivalent of local directory Yelp, was bombarded with negative reviews, many of which said the business was...

Weed’s free speech wars

710 Labs has cred to spare.In Florida and California, it maintains The List, a direct sales service for drops of its choicest concentrates. Last I saw it required a minimum pretax order of $300 and they sell out within 24...