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EXCLUSIVE: Rumors swirl as brands depart Herbl
On Wednesday, the founders of California brand Kikoko sent out an email announcing they had parted ways with distributor Herbl, “effective immediately.”“While this change feels abrupt,” Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones wrote that they are doing their best to serve Read More...

Leafly removes stories about Trulieve factory worker’s death

Web site Leafly took down two stories investigating the death of a Trulieve factory worker in Massachusetts. Lorna McMurrey, 27, died at a hospital in January 2022 after she collapsed during her shift at Trulieve's factory in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The MSO...

Why doesn’t Calif. crack down on burner distros?

In recent weeks, a brash weed boss has alleged that Glass House, the company building California’s largest cannabis farm, is the “biggest black marketeer” in American history.In videos posted on Instagram and LinkedIn, Elliot Lewis, CEO of Long Beach-based retailer...

How can PayRio enable weed credit card purchases?

According to its web site, San Jose-based PayRio enables cannabis retailers to accept credit card payments.This is a is a dream come true for dispensaries. Customers would appreciate the convenience and would probably spend more as well. However, the major...

EXCLUSIVE: Cookies plaintiff has been to court over Dutchie, MedMen

Last month, Cookies founder and CEO Berner posted a video on Instagram declaring war on a “group of predatory investors” who “have attempted to sabotage my name” and push him out of the company he founded.This was an apparent reference...

Does Hall of Flowers need to evolve?

The cannabiz loves Hall of Flowers.When it launched at the Sonoma County fairgrounds in September 2018, it quickly gained fans for its consumption-friendly spaces and sunny vibe. It was an ideal way for brands and retailers to get to know...

The Five “Be’s” of How to be More Bankable as a Cannabis Business

Myth: Cannabis companies can’t get a bank account or banking services. Fact: There are a growing number of options for banking and financial services available to cannabis companies throughout the country. Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are raising their...

SCOOP: Cookies, Old Pal partner with ex-opioids boss

California-based brands Cookies and Old Pal have signed partnerships with a plant biotech company led by a former opioid executive. 22nd Century Group CEO James Mish formerly led Noramco, a manufacturer of the active ingredients in prescription opioids sold by its...

Hall of Flowers: A buyer’s view

When Hall of Flowers returns to Santa Rosa next week, Sean Shepherd will be the most popular guy there: He's a buyer who pays his bills.Sending a team to the show and setting up a booth can easily run into...