Friday, January 19, 2024

A conversation with Kevin Jodrey

Humboldt legend Kevin Jodrey will discuss the state of craft cannabis and his recent strainhunting trip to Pakistan. 

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Presenters and speakers

  • Kevin Jodrey

    Kevin Jodrey is a prominent figure in the cannabis world known for his expertise in cannabis cultivation, breeding, and genetics. He is considered a leading authority on cannabis cultivation and has made significant contributions to the cannabis industry as an educator, advocate, and entrepreneur. 

  • Alex Halperin WeedWeek

    Business journalist Alex Halperin started writing the WeedWeek newsletter in 2015. His work on weed and other topics has been published in Slate, Fast Company, The Washington Post, Fortune, BusinessWeek and many other publications. He lives in Long Beach, California.

  • Daniel Zetouny Makai

    Daniel is the founder and CEO of Makai, a cutting-edge digital studio renowned for its expertise in branding, design, and web experiences. Makai, transforms clients concepts and aspirations into vibrant digital realities, crafting brands and websites that seamlessly blend aesthetic design with exceptional functionality.