Talking Points: Springbig CEO Jeffrey Harris

By Alex Halperin
Jul 22, 2021

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Marketing platform SpringBig has graced several hot start-up lists and raised eight figures, but what does the company do?

First, it enables dispensaries and delivery services to design customer loyalty programs and send them to customers.

Second, brands can use SpringBig to reach customers (via the retailers) with their marketing content. “It’s a very easy way to leverage a retailers database,” SpringBig CEO Jeffrey Harris said, since it enables retailers to promote brands at no cost. And it helps brands since they have limited options for advertising.

  • SpringBig has attracted some loyalty of its own, with 1,000 clients using it across 2,300 locations.
  • Harris said it has reach to nearly 25M marketable customers.

More than other shoppers, “the cannabis consumer is a very promotion-friendly consumer,” Harris said. They want to be marketed to.

Before going green, Harris had a long career designing loyalty programs for retailers and financial services companies. So, what makes a good loyalty program?

  • “The basis of any loyalty program is it’s a quid pro quo,” Harris said. “The customer is letting a retailer into their world, and in exchange the customer expects to be treated really well.” With frequent flier miles, for example, participants want to be able to choose from several reward options, free trips, expedited check-in etc. “What’s important is that [the retailer] has enough assets to bring to the table.” 

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