ValuSesh Doubles Down on Kind Prices

By WeedWeek
Oct 12, 2023
Thirty bucks for 600mg of Delta 9 candy sounds insane, too good to be true. You might assume it’s six gummies, each 100mg, the kind they ban for being too potent. But just imagine if you routinely found 30 pieces at 20mg for that price? It’d be like getting a full platter of dispensary brownies for a buck apiece. And yet, that’s the insanity that awaits you at the ValuSesh online store, where Costco-style pricing is being applied to small-batch, vegan gummies in normal-sized jars.
Needless to say, the generic, low-cost brand of the hempcraft industry has arrived.
It’s not a grift. Thirty bucks will get you 1000mg Delta 8, or even 2000mg HHC in gummies. And this family company accomplishes something most other generics can’t: high quality. Usually a brand is only able to undersell the rest because it’s mass produced or simply gas station-quality crap. But somehow, these aren’t your melty, corn-syrupy confections that plague the shelves, but rather artisanal and melt-in-your-mouth.
And that’s just the gummies. The pre-rolls are dirt cheap. And they’re preparing to release a full line of caviar pre rolls, vape cartridges and disposables, as well as low-priced seeds. “Gummies are only the beginning,” says manager Rolv Harris. “The revolution has begun.”
ValuSesh is a Wisconsin-based company founded by three brothers who’d worked previously in the Colorado cannabis industry as dispensary managers and growers. It allowed them to do quintessential research into the buying habits of the most frequent customers, and how to attract them. “Honestly, it’s the place where price, quality, and convenience intersect,” says ValuSesh marketing director, Rhett Thompson.
Courtesy: ValuSesh

So why go with the ‘cheap’ niche over luxury? “It’s not our style,” says Harris. Hemp, and cannabis in general, are changing rapidly, yet present a budget crunch for any routine users. “There’s not many precedents for this type of product,” says Thompson. “People don’t drink a $50 bottle of wine within a couple days and come back for another immediately. The same goes for filet mignon. You can’t expect people to be able to use hemp daily for stress relief, recreation, or otherwise, at the prices you see in most stores.”
Over the past decade, the ValuSesh owners became horrified by rising costs and moreso, the corporate takeover of “Ma & Pa” locations, essentially diluting the community and forcing price competition. “Whenever there’s a price war for the cheapest 1/8th, the consumer loses,” says Harris. “We found the budget-conscious places eventually only offered dollar store garbage.”
That budget crunch, more real now in today’s economy than ever before, is still driving consumer sales. The stark need for affordability is what drives ValuSesh to continue “kind pricing” even if not striking it rich. “We want people to know they don’t have to wait for a coupon or sale to afford what they need,” Harris said, adding that the bi-weekly subscribers are currently taking advantage of even cheaper offerings. “They’re the ones that need it the most.”
You can also find ValuSesh products in stores sprinkled across the country, but the company is mum on details, for fear of a run on inventory–which happens frequently. It’s the reason ValuSesh gummies are limited to five jars per flavor per order online, especially as the holidays get closer.
Even so, you’d think that word would be spreading like wildfire, but according to staff, ValuSesh remains one of the internet’s best kept secrets. “When people finally find us and try us, they write to tell us they’ve become customers for life,” says Harris. “We’re not after brand loyalty. We’re aiming for a cult following.”
The craziest thing about a store that already guarantees the lowest prices? They still offer a page of Deals.
Learn more information at ValuSesh.com