Top 3 Exotic Weed Strains to Grow in 2024

By Alex Halperin
Jan 28, 2024

Cannabis enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best exotic strains for 2024 to grow at home. Whether you are a novice or veteran cultivator, you might wonder what the top exotic strains 2024 are to grow. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 3 best exotic strains 2024 you need to grow and where to find them.

Why seeds are still the best way to get the best exotic strains in 2024

2024 exotic strains have unique traits or appearances that make them stand out. These cannabis seeds are often the result of careful breeding, selection, and innovation by talented breeders and growers. Cannabis seeds are still the best way to get the best exotic strains in 2024 because they offer several advantages over clones, including:


Cannabis seeds are more cost-effective than clones since they are cheaper to purchase and generate more yield. Conversely, clones can be expensive and may not always be available in your area. You can also order your 2024 exotic strains online from reputable seed banks like Premium Cultivars, and they will be delivered discreetly to your door.

Premium Cultivars has the best genetics

Premium Cultivars seeds have the best genetics, as they are bred by expert breeders who select the best phenotypes and traits. Cannabis seeds result from thorough strain selection and crossbreeding, which improves their quality, potency, and diversity. Conversely, clones may have unknown or inferior genetics because they are typically mass-produced and may not be checked for quality or vigor. Hence, cannabis seeds can give you access to rare and exotic strains that are not available as clones.

The best exotic strains of 2024 are;

Here are the top exotic strains 2024 that you should add to your grow:

Pink Certz

Pink Certz is a well-balanced hybrid that combines the powerful The Menthol X Grape Gasoline strains. Pink Certz seeds may be grown both inside and outdoors. However, because of the regulated atmosphere, it is suggested that you cultivate these exotic weed strains 2024 inside. When cultivated properly, indoor growers should anticipate 0.5 – 1 oz. Per m2 and outdoors, 10 – 12 oz. per plant.


The Jealousy strain is a balanced hybrid, meaning it has equal parts of Sativa and Indica (50% each). Jealousy seeds were created by crossing two strains, Gelato 41 and Sherbet, resulting in the top exotic strains 2024, known for their unique and complex profile. Jealousy 2024 exotic strain seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors; however, experts recommended inside due to the controlled setting. Flowering takes around 9-10 weeks, yielding about 14-16 oz/m2 indoors and 15-19 oz/m2 per outdoor plant.


Oreoz seeds lean heavily towards Indica (70/30), and they were created by crossing Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon. Though Oreoz 2024 exotic strains can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse, experts recommend growing indoors due to the controlled setting. Indoor yields are between 1 and 2 oz/m2. However, outdoor yields are anywhere from 10 to 15 oz/plant.