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Study: Vapes leach toxic metals

By Alex Halperin
Nov 1, 2021

The vape crisis of 2019 likely resulted from vitamin e acetate added to unlicensed cannabis oil. Now a new study found vape users are inhaling toxic substances that derive from their vape hardware.   
The Lancet 

  • Chris Roberts reports in Forbes: “Studies of e-cigarettes and nicotine-vaporizing devices have turned up higher levels of heavy metals in users’ blood than cigarette smokers, but [until now], little research has been conducted to see if the same holds true for cannabis vaporizers.
  • The research, expected to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, found “[a]t the high voltage and temperature settings of standard [vaporizer] devices, dissolved metals or even fine metallic particles from the heating coil or the liquid could have the potential to be inhaled into the consumer’s lungs,”
  • It continues, “Results indicate that chromium, copper, nickel, as well as smaller amounts of lead, manganese, and tin migrate into the cannabis oil and inhaled vapor phase, resulting in a possible acute intake of an amount of inhaled metals above the regulatory standard of multiple governmental bodies.”

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