Correction: A note to readers

By Alex Halperin
Mar 11, 2021

This post is to correct an editorial error.

In June and July 2020, Hilary Corrigan, who was then a WeedWeek reporter, published three stories involving a lawsuit filed by Jeff Menashe, CEO of investment banking firm Demeter Group, against the parent company of Bloom Farms, a California cannabis brand in which Menashe had invested. The suit, discussed in the first story, alleged, among other claims, that the defendants — parent company American General Resources (AGR) and two Bloom executives — had given Menashe misleading information about the company before his $5M investment.

In a second story, Corrigan reported on the defendants’ response to the lawsuit, which called Menashe’s demands “unreasonable [and] self-serving.” The third story focused on a ruling which found AGR could continue to raise money while the lawsuit was ongoing. 

On March 9, WeedWeek received a request from a lawyer representing Menashe. It did not allege any mistakes in the stories, but said that there have been significant and material updates to the case since publication, including a ruling favorable to his client. 

The March 1 ruling, from a Delaware Court of Chancery, dismissed 17 of Menashe’s 24 claims and narrowed several more. However, it declined to dismiss two of Menashe’s claims of fraud, which the ruling called “the crux” of the dispute. Those claims will move forward. (Bloom Farms said it does not comment on ongoing litigation.)

In his letter to WeedWeek, Menashe’s lawyer said the ongoing presence of the articles, specifically the one containing Bloom’s response, were a source of hardship for Menashe and asked that we delete it, as a courtesy. 

In the past, WeedWeek has responded to similar requests by offering to add updates and, if needed, corrections. As WeedWeek’s editor, I believe this policy is consistent with the reputable news sources we strive to emulate. However, in a lapse of judgement, I deleted the three stories and a newsletter post mentioning them. To be consistent with our treatment of other stories and removal requests, I’ve reposted the three stories. They can be found here, here and here

I regret the error and will strive to serve WeedWeek readers better in the future.

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