Weed’s a hot holiday gift

By Willis Jacobson
Dec 22, 2020
Photo by Cedric Letsch on Unsplash

Cannabis is expected to be a popular gift this Christmas, according to a recent poll. The California market is among those expected to see a sales boost.

Nearly 53% of respondents said they planned to give cannabis or a cannabis-related product as a gift this season, according to a nationwide poll conducted by Glass House Group, a vertically-integrated company based in Long Beach. 

Here are some other highlights and notes from that poll and other holiday trends for the California market:

Most of the participants in the Glass House Group poll were cannabis users.

  • Of the 636 participants who responded, 95% (or 605 total) said they regularly consumed cannabis. Nearly 98% of them (616) said they planned to consume this holiday season.
  • Sixty-seven percent of respondents said they had given cannabis as a gift in the past.

Flower is favored.

  • Nearly 67% of respondents said they planned to give flower as a gift, with edibles (61%) and pre-rolls (55%) next on the list.
  • Flower was also the top choice (69%) for product type that participants most wanted to receive. Edibles (56%) and pre-rolls (51%) again were second and third, respectively.

California can expect more growth.

  • California experienced 30% growth in wholesale cannabis sales from October to November, according to a report released this month by data firm LeafLink. This suggests a strong market heading into December, which typically sees retail sales boosts.
  • Amid that growth, flower prices fell 13% in California from October to November.
  • Retailers can expect to see their customers skew younger leading up to Christmas and should expect higher foot traffic on Christmas Eve, according to data firm Headset. That is based on combined 2019 holiday data from California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
  • Headset suggests that all demographic groups will spend more on cannabis during the week of Christmas and will be less likely to seek discounts. Groups that typically seek out higher discounts, such as millennial men, “may be significantly less price sensitive than usual,” according to Headset. 

Earlier holidays offer promising signs.

  • Green House Group reported it saw a 10% increase in traffic on Green Wednesday – the day before Thanksgiving – this year vs. last year. 
  • Ganja Goddess, a California e-commerce and delivery platform, reported that it saw a 200% increase in revenue on Cyber Monday – the Monday following Thanksgiving – this year vs. 2019.

Surge expected for New Year’s Eve.

  • Nationally, New Year’s Eve is expected to see a 68% increase in sales from Dec. 30, according to Akerna, a business intelligence firm.
  • The average order total is predicted to be $7 higher than the 2020 average on New Year’s Eve, according to Akerna, with REC consumers spending $79 and MED patients spending $121.
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