Can the Dems change Biden’s mind on REC?

By Alex Halperin
Oct 11, 2021

Unlike many senior Democrats, President Joe Biden has declined to endorse cannabis legalization. Now more in his party are making the case that cannabis reform could help the party with next years’ mid-terms.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D), who’s running for what’s likely to be a fiercely contested Senate seat, said, “Whoever owns legal weed nationally, it’s all gravy. There’s no downside. None. When South Dakota democratically votes for it, in what circles is this controversial?”

  • He calls legalization the “big bazooka” that neither Biden nor then-President Donald Trump fired in last year’s presidential election and warned Democrats not to make the same mistake.
  • Democrats underperformed in last year’s congressional elections and the sitting president’s party usually loses seats at mid-term. 
  • Mike Regan, a Republican state Senator in Pennsylvania and former U.S. Marshall, explained why he changed his mind and now favors REC legalization.
  • Next door in Ohio, Cincinnati mayor and gubernatorial candidate John Cranley(D) wants to legalize REC.

Biden’s position remains that he favors 1) Decriminalization, 2)Medical research and 3)Re- rather than de- scheduling the plant. If the third happened, it could play havoc with the state markets.

Also:  A new federally-legal grow is coming to New Mexico. In the article, someone calls it the third, but I’m only aware of one other one, at the University of Mississippi.