Blinc Group’s patented RingSystem helps vape businesses profit and build consumer trust

By Alex Halperin
May 25, 2022

Cannabis is a booming fledgling industry with constantly shifting consumer demand and preferences, as well as product trends that change at light speed. In this environment, forecasting sales and inventory planning are among the biggest hurdles the industry faces.

Licensed manufacturers and brands in this environment need to be nimble, but when it comes to vaping products — one of the fastest growing segments — the current method of pre-printing branded hardware prevents them from having the agility to navigate the constant market shifts. 

Pre-printed hardware forces manufacturers and brands to make buying decisions and commit resources months before they actually manufacture products for distribution. They are locked into fixed inventory with several various SKUs that may age if — or in many cases, when — sales don’t occur as planned.  

On the flip side, brands can find themselves scrambling for new hardware if their product exceeds expectations, and with almost all vape technology being produced in China this often results in a major revenue loss, delays in production and distribution, and dissatisfied consumers. 

The Blinc Group’s patented RingSystem allows brands to be flexible and respond to sales and market trends with on-demand, customizable labeling. Brands can plan their inventory with certainty. It starts with standard “Powered by Blinc” components and the customization occurs on-demand during production – at a fraction of the price and at the exact volume needed at any given time.

Furthermore, the Blinc Rings can be customized at a fraction of cost of a cart and are fully interchangeable. 

Need to test a new strain? Ok, order as many rings as you need, get them in days instead of six weeks and you are ready to go to market. Strain not performing as expected? With the RingSystem, you are free to pivot and rebrand that hardware on the fly. 

The RingSystem gives you the flexibility to be as liquid as the cannabis market and to pivot as quickly as consumer sentiment shifts. Instead of deploying capital into aging inventory on a shelf, your company can put it towards other endeavors.

“… for this industry to thrive, companies need to be able to increase their productivity and flexibility without spending or freezing massive amounts of working capital on unsold inventory,” said Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Co-Founder & CEO of the Blinc Group. 

Cannabis companies aren’t alone in reaping the RingSystem benefits. 

The label technology improves a consumer’s vape experience by giving them peace of mind.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s in your vape cartridge and whether or not it’s safe. A giant percentage of vape carts on the market aren’t labeled, and once the box is trashed, the consumers are left in the dark as to what they’re vaping,” says Sasha Aksenov, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. 

It’s startling that — despite strict packaging protocols and onerous labeling requirements — manufacturers don’t need to identify the product itself once it leaves its box.

“Those types of standards are expected with any other consumer product, why not cannabis? Now our patented technology is meeting that standard head-on, and we could not be prouder.” 

The RingSystem is such a simple innovation, but at the same time will solve many complex problems facing manufacturers in the industry. In one fell swoop, it remedies supply chain redundancies and stagnant inventory, opens up potential capital for a business, and gives consumers confidence in their cannabis brands.