Why did the FDA snub CBD (again)?

By Alex Halperin
Aug 16, 2021
Dmitry_Tishchenko, Getty Images

A piece in Cannabis Wire offers some insight into the FDA’s decision to reject CBD’s use as a dietary supplement. Essentially, the agency doesn’t want to approve CBD as a additive to mainstream products when it’s also the active ingredient in Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical the agency has approved to treat severe pediatric epilepsy disorders.

  • In rejections to brands Irwin Naturals and Charlotte’s Web, the agency argued “The term ‘dietary supplement,’” … does not include “an article that is approved as a new drug,” or has been “authorized for investigation as a new drug.”
  • It added that Irwin’s application was for a product that “delivers a relatively high amount of CBD per day, comparable to a drug product.”
  • The agency also told Charlotte’s Web that it had concerns about evidence of CBD’s safety.
  • According to Charlotte’s Web, “this response from the FDA indicates to Charlotte’s Web that without legislation by Congress, this market will remain unregulated.”
  • (Disclosure: I’ve done a small amount of indirect consulting work for Charlotte’s Web.)

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