Berner and Weedmaps’ social venture is a go

By Alex Halperin
Nov 18, 2021
Courtesy of Weedmaps

Cannatech is a hot sector. But while there have been several attempts to whip up a 420-themed social network, none, to the best of my knowledge, has had any success.

But if anyone has the resources and clout to pull off such a venture it would be Cookies co-founder Berner and publicly-traded tech-player Weedmaps, who say they’re moving forward on a long-delayed social project.
The Growth Op, Ganjapreneur

  • “The idea is to level the playing field by making, called the “Instagram of Marijuana,” a safe destination for cannabis businesses, key figures and enthusiasts,” The Growth Op reports.
  • Berner recently tweeted, “Are you sick [of] being silenced ?? Have you lost your account for posting weed ?? Don’t worry … me & @weedmaps have something special in the works.”
  • While social media bans and shadow bans infuriate potcos, it’s not clear what the new service will offer. On social media, Berner described it as a platform for “cultivators, brands, connoisseurs and stores.”
  • Andrew DeAngelo recently interviewed Berner, who’s recovering from cancer surgery.
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