Indica/Sativa distinction remains bogus

By Alex Halperin
Oct 7, 2021

MJBiz reports more edibles brands are giving up the indica/hybrid/sativa lexicon and accompanying strain names for descriptions of a products’ effects. The thinking is new customers are more likely to identify with straightforward descriptions like focus, energy or sleep than terms from cannabis lore.

  • It notes brands have to be careful not to overpromise their effects or they could attract unwanted attention from regulators. 

What the story doesn’t mention is that everyone in cannabis knows the indica/sativa distinction is bogus and so are strains.

Cannabis can undoubtedly have different effects, on different people at different times. Just about every brand makes these kinds of claims, but I’m not aware of any that can back them with data. Until there’s data, it’s just marketing. 

  • A few years ago, I wrote several stories about Colorado company Ebbu, which aimed to develop predictable cannabis products. Ebbu was acquired by Canopy Growth for about $250M, in 2018.
    Pando, WeedWeek