July 15 2021,


Happy Friday!

As you’ve no doubt heard, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer released a bill to federally legalize cannabis this week. Key takeaway: Don’t hold your breath.

Today in the newsletter:

  • What’s in the bill
  • Why it flopped
  • California is consolidating cannabis regulation.

Plus: Job Moves, High Society and lots more! 

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All systems go

WeedWeek High Society -- 7/16/21

Justin Bieber turned heads this week when he dropped more than $1,000 on a visit to L.A.’s new Wonderbrett dispensary. In his docu-series “Seasons,” Bieber discussed his history of drug abuse.

The cannabiz social scene is roaring back to life: 

Hip hop royalty made it to the launch party for Presidential Suite, a members-only speakeasy located inside Juicy Pizza on LA’s La Brea Boulevard.  Here’s Tyra Myricks between Justin and Christian Combs, sons of rap mogul Sean Combs. Myricks, daughter of rap legend Jam Master Jay, opened Juicy with T’yanna Wallace, daughter of Biggie Smalls. Don’t miss the lobster pie!

Justin Combs, Tyra Myricks, Christian Combs. Courtesy of Presidential


Union Electric team members D’Mitri Williams and Ashley Siegel at a June networking event hosted by Arcadian Capital in LA. 

D’Mitri Williams and Ashley Siegel. Courtesy Union Electric


At Hazy LA’s 7/10 party, Curaleaf brand Select brought a truck making snow cones that could be infused with its Squeeze THC drops. Intrepid journalist Lindsey Bartlett made a Tik Tok about the snow cones, calling them, “the best summer stoner treat I’ve ever had.” Here’s the recipe.

Select’s Snow Cone Truck, Courtesy of Select


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