January 11 2024,

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What's next for Stiiizy?

Mike Von https://unsplash.com/@thevoncomplex

Last month, the LA Times reported that a Stiiizy co-founder Huang had owned nine properties that tenants used as unlicensed dispensaries.

WeedWeek subsequently reported on a lawsuit filed by a former CEO of Stiiizy’s parent company alleging that two Stiiizy co-founders, engage in unlicensed market activity while “continuing to direct and manage” the licensed company. In another lawsuit, also first reported by WeedWeek, a Stiiizy partner makes similar allegations about the co-founders, who are allegedly barred from legal market activity.

Stiiizy President Tak Sato called former CEO Jon Avidor’s allegations “baseless.” He declined to comment on the partner’s lawsuit, but wrote in an email that “Stiiizy has absolutely zero connection to any unlicensed stores or sales…We are one of the most valuable cannabis brands in the world, and it would make zero sense for us to even tippy-toe in the illegal market and risk our licenses, our name, and our reputation.”

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