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  • Commercial bribery suit highlights “endemic issue” in AZ

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Trulieve's allegations highlight "commercial bribery" in AZ

Unsplash https://unsplash.com/@dulceylima

Green Market Report‘s John Schroyer dug into an Arizona lawsuit filed by MSO Trulieve against former employees, alleging they accepted bribes from brands in exchange for shelf space. Payments include trips, Rolex watches, hot concert tickets and sometimes plain old cash.

Large MSOs control about half the dispensaries in AZ, and since they all have in-house products they have little incentive to offer shelf space to state’s 300+ smaller, independent brands. Instead the large operators tend to swap shelf space with each other. 

“One independent Arizona brand operator who requested anonymity so as not to damage business relations said the market is “ripe for bad practices,” and that the pay-to-play trend began about three years ago, primarily in connection with MSO-run dispensaries.

“When you have a monopoly, you can do whatever you want,” the operator said.

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  • Sales picked up in July and August, per BDSA.
    New Cannabis Ventures 
  • A partnership between Bennabis Health can CannaCoverage is offering the “first group health coverage” that includes MED for employees.
    Marijuana Moment
  • Colleagues of Lorna McMurrey, the 27 year old Massachusetts Trulieve worker who collapsed on her shift and then died at a hospital, were aware of her respiratory problems but could not help her.
  • High Times and its board chair Adam Levin paid more than $600,000 to the SEC to settle securities fraud allegations. They did not admit any wrongdoing.

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Criminal justice:

  • Kenneth Morrow of Trichome Technologies told the story of his 1993 cannabis arrest.
    Cannabis Business Times





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  • Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill to let doctors prescribe psilocybin and MDMA if they’re rescheduled and a separate bill tweaking cannabis testing rules. Several more industry related bills remain on his desk. Some in the industry want him to veto AB 1207 which would block the use of people and images of people in cannabiz marketing.
    Marijuana Moment, SFGate 
  • East Bay Express asks if California will tax legal weed out of existence.



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  • Comedian Mike Glazer and writer and podcaster Mary Jane Gibson will host the Emjay Awards, during MJBiz week in Vegas. Here’s a joke Mike made about the cobb salad.

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