October 26 2023,

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Weedmaps saw net customer downgrades accompany a recent change in pricing structure, according to data assembled by tech shop CannMenus. California saw more downgrades than any other state. 

Several weeks ago, some dispensaries balked when Weedmaps announced a price change that would more than triple their monthly rate. The online directory, sometimes known as the Yelp-of-weed, described it as changing to a dynamic pay for performance model and noted that 45% of its dispensary customers wouldn’t see a price hike or would see their monthly payment reduced to $0.

At WeedWeek’s request, CannMenus scraped the data for early August, mid-September and several days to October to identify shops nationwide that had upgraded or downgraded their Weedmaps service. Weedmaps began rolling out the changes in early August and they took effect October 1. 

  • The data shows approximately 150 downgrades and 100 upgrades over the last three months.

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