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  • How California’s cannabiz defeated a labelling bill
  • Herbl brands and receiver still at impasse

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SCOOP: Herbl brands and receiver at impasse as window closes

In a meeting last week, the receiver for defunct distributor Herbl, and the former Herbl brands owed accounts receiveable payments, made little progress over how to pursue the funds from retailers. The receiver has indicated that today would be the deadline before it gave the AR debt to a collection agency. 

As WeedWeek previously reported, the receiver had asked the brands to pay 10% of what they were owed to fund collection efforts. Darren Story, CEO of Coastal Farms, said he was open to the idea of paying some amount upfront, but the receiver

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How California’s cannabiz defeated a labeling bill

California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed A.B. 1207, a bill that would have banned cannabis companies from using images of people in their labelling and marketing materials. Though watered down from a previous version of the bill, the industry argued the burden would fall especially hard on equity businesses and craft farmers, for whom identity is central to their brand.

Supporters of the bill framed it as a way to reduce the number of children going to the ER after overconsuming edibles.
In his veto statement, Gov. Newsom wrote, that while he “deeply appreciates…”

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SCOOP: Eaze lawyer grew “increasingly concerned” over Calif. partnerships

In May Eaze CEO Cory Azzalino received an email from the company’s general counsel that cast doubt on the legality of some of its partnerships. “PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL” the lawyer wrote. “I am growing increasingly concerned about how our CA depots are run.”

“We haven’t gotten caught yet, but this could end up being a major issue at some point soon.”

Asked by WeedWeek about the agreements and email, CEO Azzalino wrote, “Eaze’s subsidiary Stachs LLC is licensed as an Owner (per [California Department of Cannabis Control] (DCC) regulations) at all thirteen of our delivery locations. Any operations governed by Management Services Agreements [MSAs] have been disclosed to the DCC. Any claim to the contrary is inaccurate.”

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SCOOP: March and Ash sued Cookies over hemp-derived products

PLUS: Is another big California brand selling hemp-derived products?

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The 420 Bud design from Crabcakes and Cannabis has attracted the threat of a lawsuit from spice company McCormick (from crabcakesandcannabis.com)


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  • Founder and CEO Caroline Yeh posted on why she’s folding Tsumo Snacks. She notes that she’s spent several months researching the D9 hemp market: “I can without a doubt say that this is where the growth is happening.”


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