July 17 2023,

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Here’s my follow up on the death of Julie Devinney last week.

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SCOOP: Dead GTI worker was repeatedly hospitalized

Green Thumb Industries

A report from Rock Island, Ill. police identifies Julie Devinney, 60, as the worker who died Friday morning at MSO Green Thumb Industries’ (GTI) grow and manufacturing facility in the western Illinois city. Devinney had repeatedly left work with breathing problems, her boss told the police, including the day before she died.

Devinney collapsed Friday shortly after completing a mandatory “not-strenuous” pre-shift exercise, according to the report. “She started gasping for air,” a fellow production tech told the responding officer. As her condition worsened, workers called 911 and administered CPR, before she was declared dead at the scene.

  • The deputy county coroner determined she died from natural causes.

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