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At Humo, a bitter dispute about ownership and identity

Susie Plascencia wears a Humo top in a March 2022 post to @susieplascencia

Last week, Humo, a brand developed for Latinos, sued a marketer who had been a face of the brand before she was fired in May.

In the complaint, Humo alleges that Susie Plascencia was an attention seeker who didn’t collaborate effectively with other partners and inappropriately presented herself as the brand’s owner and founder. After her termination, it alleges she “began a campaign of retaliation using false and misleading statements” to tarnish Humo and damage its relationships.

In an interview before the lawsuit was filed, Plascencia described herself as “the heart and soul of the brand,” and an engine for its rapid growth. She said she had been negotiating an equity stake with CEO Jesus Burrola when she was unexpectedly dismissed.

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