As more states legalize, opponents increasingly see potency caps as a way to curb the industry’s growth. Insiders compare the proposals to a return to prohibition since they involve banning many of the products currently available in legal markets.  

  • There’s also the possibility of a federal potency cap being included in forthcoming legislation in Congress.
  • The only current state to have potency caps is Vermont for its yet to open REC market. It limits flower to 30% THC and concentrates to 60% THC.
  • A shelved bill in Colorado would have limited all products to 15% THC, which would ban an estimated 65% of the products currently sold in the state’s market.
  • Lawmakers in Florida, Massachusetts Washington state and Montana have also weighed potency caps.
  • “If we go down this road, if we start banning certain products, we get law enforcement back in the business of enforcing cannabis laws,” said Chris Lindsey, director of government relations at Marijuana Policy Project.