LPs have larger inventory stores than ever–as of April, cultivators and processors had 620,144 kg (1.4M pounds) of unpackaged inventory. LPs, retailers, and wholesalers also held an additional 85,014 kg of packaged inventory. As of February, cannabis overtook lettuce as the Canadian crop with the 4th greatest harvested area.
MJ Biz Daily, Twitter–@Matt_Lamers

Health Canada began publishing monthly sector updates after a March-to-June pandemic pause. In their newest report, dry flower holds a 73% share of total REC sales, extracts (including oil-vape pens) held 14%, while edibles and beverages held 12%. StratCann‘s David Brown considered the numbers in greater detail in a Twitter thread.
StratCann, Twitter–@drowbb

In a different kind of bleak statistic, Black and Indigenous people continue to be disproportionately targeted for simple possession of illicit cannabis under the Cannabis Act. Since the Act was passed in 2018, 1,454 people have been charged for violating it.
CityNews, Twitter–@ChrisGoodwin79

The prohibition-leaning Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction published its survey of “Canadian Substance Use Costs and Harms, 2015-2017,” in which it revealed the principal cost of cannabis use was criminal enforcement of prohibition.
CCSA, Twitter–@ProfMJArmstrong