As BC struggles to legalize its massive and entrenched unlicensed cannabis market, the BC Chamber of Commerce–working with the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES)–asked the province to loosen its REC rules to encourage small BC craft producers to enter the market.
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  • The BCCC suggested the provincial regulator should prioritize buying REC products grown in province (as the SQDC does), allow unlicensed growers to continue operating as they apply for licensing, and allow small producers to wholesale directly to private REC retailers.
  • Farm gate sales are a part of every proposal for BC’s future REC system. StratCann considered what such sales might look like.

In Other Provincial News:

The first legal REC grown in Newfoundland and Labrador, by LP/honey producer Beehighve, is now for sale in the province.
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Since Cannabis NB is likely to be profitable this year, selling off the crown REC retail monopoly to a single buyer may not seem like such a great idea. However, the decision may come down to the provincial government not wanting to be in the REC retail business.
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