LP Zenabis announced its second recall of the year, of gelcaps labelled as containing 0.19mg THC and 6.13mg THC—which actually contained 2.28mg THC. That’s close to a threshold dose to intoxicate a non-THC consumer, while consumers taking multiple gelcaps could very easily have gotten unwittingly impaired.
Health Canada

In the last month, Zenabis shuffled CEOs and lost EU-GMP certification in Malta.
Press Release, Bloomberg

Quick Hits

  1. After fewer than two months as CEO of Beleave, one-time Green Organic Dutchman co-founder and former 48North CEO Jeanette VanderMarel announced she was stepping down. She also admitted there were “seeding issues” at 48North, which was rumoured to have lost some of its outdoor crop to pollination.
    MJ Biz Daily, Twitter—Chris Parry
  2. Legalization was supposed to electrify BC’s commercial real estate market. It hasn’t (yet).
    Business in Vancouver