WeedWeek Council is a new initiative to build a community of industry leaders, and share their insights with WeedWeek’s audience.

We asked councilmembers about their favorite and least favorite markets. Here are a few interesting responses.

Trista Okel, CEO, Empower Body Care (topicals):

  • “Arizona is a vibrant MED market with a large number of elders, which is one of three target demographics for us. [PLUS] Adult use regulation isn’t far off.”

Cindy Orser Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, at testing company Digipath says Arizona doesn’t have the water to grow cannabis and should be the first state to import product from Oregon. (Oregon has voted to allow cannabis exports, though they’re likely years off.)

Orser is also bullish on Colombia:

  • “[It offers the ] chance to conserve limited fresh water resources in North America and dramatically reduce the global cannabis carbon footprint…In Colombia cannabis is grown outdoors where plants belong, and at a fraction of the cost.”

A councilmember who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

  • Simply put, Canada blew it. Canada managed to overcomplicate cannabis to the point where it’s almost impossible to do business there. It seems like none of the people in charge of these Canadian LPs even know what cannabis is, how it’s grown, or how it’s consumed.

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