Female executives are dwindling in the cannabis industry’s senior ranks, as more companies hire from the mainstream economy, Lissa Harris reports for Green Entrepreneur.

  • Tahira Rehmatullah, Managing Director at Hypur Ventures: “As the market has evolved, it has shifted to look like other industries. The barriers are becoming more evident.”
  • The piece focusses on Amy Margolis, a lawyer who started The Initiative, a Portland accelerator devoted to female-led businesses.
  • Margolis: “I’m less focused on the concept of creating a safe space for women than on making women as powerful as possible,”
  • Emily Paxhia of Poseidon Asset Management, emphasized the importance of women in upper management, “I think there are wins not just in having female founders but in the way we build teams.”

Quick Hits

  1. Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton discussed how talks in the “marijuana ghetto” in Davos led him to acquire Acreage Holdings over two other American competitors. O, one of which was reportedly Harvest Health and Recreation????For more see WeedWeek Canada.
  2. Despite its partnership with Canadian MED company Tilray, the CEO of global pharmaceutical company Novartis said cannabis is not a focus area.