Ontario again extended delivery and curbside pickup for REC stores, though stores may now open under certain conditions. This extension will last 10 more days, until May 29.

Many would like to see same-day delivery become permanent. Hill+Knowlton National Cannabis Lead Omar Yar Khan told me he’s working with a group of six REC retailers to lobby the Ontario government to make same-day home delivery a fixture of REC retail in the province.

  • The same group succeeded in convincing the Ford government to reverse its ban on REC retail during the emergency in favour of delivery and curbside pickup. If the government is listening to any industry group on this matter, it might well be Khan and his partners.
  • “We’ve had some discussions with the premier’s office and the office of the attorney general,” Khan said. “To make this permanent would require legislative change: it’s not something that can happen overnight.”

As private REC delivery has expanded, the obvious question is why other provinces can’t allow it too. That’s being asked loudest in British Columbia, where the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES) is lobbying municipalities to press the province to allow private home REC delivery.
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