We’re thrilled to introduce WeedWeek’s new culture and lifestyle columnist, Ngaio Bealum. In his first piece, the aficionado, journalist, comedian, scenester and cook asked the big question, “What is Weed Culture?“:

”Cannabis culture” is a hard thing to define, because cannabis users are a subculture of every other subculture. Whatever it is people like to do, some of them like to smoke weed before they do it…

Cannabis use is truly intersectional. So that’s what I am gonna write about. Anything and everything cannabis. How does it work? How does it fit with what has come before and what is yet to puff puff pass?

Read the whole thing.

Quick Hits

  1. Instagram personality Gail Olson, better known as Dabbing Granny, has been “silenced” on Instagram for using the N-word.
  2. Mike Tyson has obtained a global license to “print” cannabis beverages in partnership with a company called SmartCups.
  3. What’s the secret to surviving the NBA bubble? ????“Bongs, blunts and balms.”
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