In the US as in Canada, consumers want cheap REC, and the price of cheap is declining. (An ounce of Pure Sunfarms Indica Blend was selling for $107.24 from Friendly Stranger in Ontario, the lowest per-ounce price I’ve seen for legal flower.)
CNN, Twitter–@ChrisGoodwin79

  • Canopy REC retail arm Tokyo Smoke is now offering mix-and-match half-ounces composed of four 3.5 gram packages of different flower. This variety-pack approach to ounces and half-ounces is widespread on illicit mail order marijuana sites (MOMs) and seems like a wise move.

Another popular item is larger packs of pre-rolls, particularly sold at a bargain price. Again scoring points in a market they might have scared off last year, Redecan has been succeeding with its 10-packs of “Redees” 0.35g pre-rolls, sold for $20 in Ontario and $43 in Alberta.
CityNews, Twitter–@GBFarmerDeb, @StirTheMoose

  • Lake City Cannabis’s Ryan Roch said the 10-packsshould be a canary in the coal mine for every LP doing Pre-Rolls. I have yet to see such a positive response from a product. 10-15 calls a day looking for them.” Fair warning: Redees are designed to look and draw like cigarettes, which has turned some consumers off, and others on.
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