THC-infused “social tonic” Cann is having a moment.

Forbes has a feature which sees it “coming hard at hard seltzer.New York magazine calls it the drink of the summer, hitting some key points here:

It is thanks to celesbian hairstylist Riawna Capri … that I know about Cann. Riawna and her partner both beautiful and wellness-y and Californian, seem to have a really nice life, and when I saw them drinking pastel-pink and -green cans of weed seltzer on Instagram, I knew I had to have it. 

Started by two former Bain consultants, Cann aims for the “healthy hedonist” market. The beverages come in 8 oz. cans in trendy flavors like lemon lavendar and blood orange cardamon. Each can contains 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD. The company has a partnership with, and investment from, MSO Green Thumb Industries, which is helping it to expand nationally.

For years before Cann arrived on the scene, insiders had been predicting something like it: upscale brands that appeal to non-traditional cannabis consumers. Amid concerns about pulmonary health, the pandemic has been the long awaited catalyst cannabis drinks were waiting for.  Even as some execs predict they’ll become very popular, beverages remain a tiny portion of the legal market. (Related: Cannabis branding has begun to pay off, says MJBiz.)

Still that gives a savvy brand like Cann a lot of fresh powder, even if a good many Cann drinkers graduate to stronger products.

The only thing anyone seems to dislike about it is the price: A six-pack of Cann in my part of LA costs $24, 13x (or more!) per mg of THC as a pack of edibles.

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