UPS workers allegedly used the logistics giant’s system to traffick huge amounts of drugs and vaping oils across the US/Mexico border.
Washington Post

  • Authorities say they used “standard cardboard boxes that were carefully routed through the private mail carrier’s trucking and delivery systems.”
  • At least 11 people have been arrested and four UPS employees have been charged following a decade-long investigation.
  • The alleged ringleader was based at a UPS facility in Tucson. A local cop said the investigation took so long in part because the company did not cooperate more “proactively.” (UPS says it is cooperating with law enforcement.)

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  1. Missouri legalization activist Eapen Thampy is one of nine arrested on drug trafficking charges stemming from the 2018 murder of a drug dealer in an upscale part of Columbia, Mo. None of the nine arrested have been charged with the murder.
    The Daily Beast