An eight-year-old won $200 worth of legal REC in a raffle at a youth-hockey tournament in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Each competing team was invited to put together baskets worth at least $50 as raffle gifts, and the lucky youngster received one full of dry flower, prerolls, edibles, and accessories. Raffle organizers said the basket was in an area for adults only.

  • The kid in question didn’t collect the prize himself: raffle organizers informed his father, and checked his ID when he picked it up. It remains a mystery how he was able to choose a raffle gift from a restricted area.
  • “My grandson thought he won a great prize,” said the grandfather. “‘Dad, I won chocolate!’ ‘No, son, there’s bad drugs in the chocolate.’ How do you explain that to a kid?”
  • One Twitter wag responded, “Imagine the grandpa is mad cuz it’s mids.”


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