Quebec always has to do things its own way, which is why my home province will be banning all extracts with more than 30% THC—effectively banning all extracts and vape pens.

  • The CAQ government’s regulations will also cap edibles and beverages at 5mg per serving with maximum 10mg per package, and ban all sweetened edibles. They will allow “granola bars” and “bran muffins,” however.
    La Presse—In French
  • Since the SCDC won’t be allowed to sell vape pens and many other products that will shape legalization 2.0 for the rest of the country, the crown corporation will begin by stocking mostly cannabis beverages, as well as hashish no stronger than 30% THC.
    Journal de Montréal—In French
  • The CEO of the Société Québécoise du Cannabis, Jean-François Bergeron, hopes to cut long lineups at SQDC outlets, hence their recent plan to nearly double the number of stores (from 22 to 43) by April.
    Montreal Gazette

Despite la belle province‘s confused feelings about legalization, Quebec’s REC users prefer the illicit market for the usual reasons: Montreal’s delivery services are fast, friendly and cheap, while visits to SQDC outlets (all of which close at 9:00 pm) require waits in long lines. Those who shop at the SQDC are generally happy with the crown corporation, however. (Meanwhile, at least you can smoke cannabis outside in Montreal. Quebec City has given 97 tickets and $150 fines to people smoking cannabis in public places.) Leafly, Montreal Gazette, Ici Radio-Canada—French

  • Quebec police used blood tests to detect the presence of cannabis in 113 drivers believed to be impaired—up from 73 the previous year. (Tests cannot confirm impairment.) Montreal Gazette

In the midst of its own troubles, SQDC principal supplier Hexo announced the launch of Original Stash, a budget brand boasting the lowest-cost legal REC in Canada with 28-gram bulk bags selling for $125.70 with sales taxes included, or $4.49 per gram (less than half the national average of more than $10 per gram). These are the first one-ounce (28 gram) REC packages available in Quebec.
Globe NewsWire

Quick Hits

  1. Inexhaustible Globe reporter Jameson Berkow crossed Quebec and into the maritimesprofiling LPs as he went.
    Globe and Mail
  2. Canadian legalization has been a catalyst for interest in legalizing from a variety of other governments, including Mexico, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.
    GrowthOp, Associated Press