Following months of doubt, the Centers for Disease Control identified vitamin E acetate in the lungs of 29 people sickened by VAPI, enough to declare the ingredient the likely cause of the condition which has sickened more than 2,000 and killed dozens.
Washington Post

  • The finding doesn’t rule out the possibility of harm caused by other substances in vape oil or hardware.
  • Most of those sickened used street vape products.

In a great story, Leafly learns how an L.A. company led by a struggling actor, popularized a dilutant that was 90%-95% vitamin E acetate.

“Honey Cut took off because it made illicit vape cartridge makers a lot of money. The product fooled consumers into thinking they bought something pure. Honey Cut’s color and thickness closely resemble that of pure THC oil. It’s available online and does not affect the appearance or flavor of THC oil. As such, it fooled consumers performing what’s known as the “bubble test.”

Following the vape crisis, consultant Kimberly Dillon writes successful companies will embrace transparency.

In Massachusetts, cannabis regulators did not uphold the governor’s ban on THC vape products, though that could reverse again.

Quick Hit

  1. The FDA approved sales of a new Philip Morris tobacco product called the Iqos which is somewhere between a cigarette and a an e-cigarette. It’s allegedly safer than tobacco because it warms rather than burns the leaves, reducing tar intake.