Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Business of Cannabis Hospitality

Panelists Lauren Fontein (The Artist Tree), Jerred Kiloh (The Higher Path) and Scot Rutledge (Reset, Las Vegas) discuss how to make 420-friendly spaces work as businesses.

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Panelists Lauren Fontein (The Artist Tree), Jerred Kiloh (The Higher Path) and Scot Rutledge
(Reset, Las Vegas) discuss how to make 420-friendly spaces work as businesses.

Topics include:

  • What do we know so far about business models?
  • Destinations for tourists vs. hang-outs for locals
  • What’s on the menu?

Presenters and speakers

  • Lauren Fontein - The Artist Tree

    Lauren Fontein, Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer of The Artist Tree, began her professional career as a corporate lawyer in Los Angeles before transitioning to the medical cannabis industry in 2009. when she founded a cannabis edible manufacturing company. From 2009 to 2017, she headed operations and supplied edibles to medical dispensaries in the Los Angeles area. Lauren concurrently worked as legal counsel for medical dispensaries owned by brothers Avi Kahan and Mitchell Kahan. In 2018, Lauren partnered with brothers Avi and Mitchell Kahan, and Aviv Halimi to create The Artist Tree brand to promote the connection between art and cannabis. They launched the first Artist Tree location in West Hollywood in 2019 and has since opened several more The Artist Tree retail stores and one of LA’s only cannabis lounges. She is intricately involved in the day-to-day operations of all Artist Tree locations. She serves as the company’s general counsel, handles community outreach, and works on marketing campaigns. She also oversees The Artist Tree’s art program, using art as a voice for positive change and as a way to bring people together.
  • Jerred Kiloh - The Higher Path

    Jerred Kiloh is President of the United Cannabis Business Association, owner of The Higher Path Dispensary & The Other Path CBD store in Los Angeles, CA. & co-owner of Abide Dispensary in Napa, CA. Jerred also runs a private event space in LA called The Green Room on Ventura. Over 20 years in the industry have solidified his resolve to support our infrastructure through education, collaboration, & changing legislation. Working with UCBA, Jerred has written language for cannabis bills that appear before our state legislature, testified before the senate, and collaborated with state senators & assembly members to create new cannabis legislation, championing positive changes for the cannabis industry as a whole

  • Scot Rutledge - Reset Las Vegas

    Scot Rutledge has had a 20 year career working in advocacy and politics. He managed the 2016 ballot advocacy campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol in Nevada. His efforts as the lead lobbyist on the 2021 Nevada law that established cannabis lounges, and his work with local jurisdictions to implement lounge ordinances, has established him as a leading voice on cannabis hospitality policies and regulations.
    As a founder at RESET, Scot is part of a team that advises cannabis businesses in cannabis hospitality. Additionally, Scot is a partner at Argentum Partners, a Nevada government affairs firm. He is also a founding member of CTrust, a fintech startup providing credit ratings for the cannabis industry.
  • Alex Halperin - WeedWeek

    Business journalist Alex Halperin started writing the WeedWeek newsletter in 2015. His workon weed and other topics has been published in Slate, Fast Company, The Washington Post,Fortune, BusinessWeek and many other publications. He lives in Long Beach, California.