Minnesota MED company Vireo has secured a patent for “tobacco products infused with cannabis,” which it plans to market as a safer alternative to tobacco. Don’t expect to see cannabis infused cigarettes on shelves any time soon.

  • Based on available studies, Vireo claims cannabinoids “can have anti-inflammatory properties, which could help ease tobacco-related irritation of the mouth and throat.” It also suggests cannabinoid infused tobacco “may also reduce cancer risks from smoking,” citing studies in mice.
  • Vireo CEO Kyle Kingsley is a board certified physician.
  • Two former Vireo executives face criminal charges in Minnesota for allegedly driving $500,000 of MED oil from Minnesota to New York.

Quick hits

  1. E-cigarette powerhouse Juul has committed to stop teen vaping, but the N.Y. Times reports its lobbying in state capitols “runs counter to that pledge.”
  2. Oregon-based Phylos Biosciences has solicited strains for its Galaxy database, and now faces an uproar from growers who feel mislead about the company’s intentions for their genetics.
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