With the number of applications filed for REC Retail Operator Licenses (ROL, for people) nearing 800, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) began accepting applications for Retail Store Authorizations (RSA, for each new retail location). On the first day, they received 450 RSA applications.
MJ Biz Daily, Twitter–Trina Fraser

The influx of major REC retailers into Ontario continues: Fire & Flower, announced a “significant Ontario expansion.” The company sold $16.53M at its two Ontario stores–in Ottawa and Kingston–in its first year, and acquired both those stores from the retail license holders to whom the brand was licensed.
CTV News, New Cannabis Ventures

The Ontario Cannabis Store released its first annual report since legalization 17 months ago, for the April 2018 to March 2019 fiscal year. MJ Biz Daily noted financials were ready by last summer, meaning “the CEO and chair took ~7 months to write their brief messages.”
Twitter–MJ Biz Daily

  • The document also identified the OCS’s “core strategic objectives”: converting legacy consumers to the legal market, placing education first, “delivering value” for Ontario taxpayers, and offering a variety of products.
    MJ Biz Daily