In a praiseworthy moment of common sense, Victoria’s city council voted unanimously to exempt longtime compassion club the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club from raids, though some warned the “Community Safety Unit,” BC’s provincial anti-cannabis squad, has not respected municipal demands to protect compassion clubs in the past.
Victoria Council, Twitter—Bryan Raiser

BC’s NDP premier John Horgan is finally indicating his support for the province’s legendary cannabis sector, which many accused his government of failing in the first year of legalization. The question is whether Horgan’s ready to listen to the sector, and how much will the NDP government be willing to make changes to help legal BC Bud thrive.
Inside the Jar, MJ Biz Daily

Quick Hits

  1. I’m writing this from the first Lift & Co. Vancouver trade show of 2020—one of the biggest of the year. This year Lift—whose Toronto office laid off 13 in mid-December—is moving to generate revenue through user data.
    GrowthOp, Business in Vancouver
  2. A micro-growing consultant reported one of their aspiring micro clients was told by Canada Revenue Agency that until her declared live plants have been audited by the CRA, “You can only water the plants, they cannot have any light.”
    Twitter—Forest Farms