The cannabis market seems to have absorbed the brunt of the vaping crisis. But the New York Times has a not for the squeamish report on the near-death of a 22-year old college student, a heavy user of illicit THC vapes. It begins:

Gregory Rodriguez thought he had the flu when he went to the emergency room on Sept. 18, feeling feverish, nauseated and short of breath.

He woke up four days later in a different hospital, with a tube down his throat connecting him to a ventilator, and two more tubes in his neck and groin, running his blood through a device that pumped in oxygen and took out carbon dioxide. The machines were doing the job of his lungs, which had stopped working.

“I was basically on the verge of death,” he said.

Also in the Gray Lady:

  • CBD is mostly not a scam, but Mt. Sinai addiction researcher Yasmin Hurd adds, “It has a potential medicinal value, but when we are putting it into mascara and putting it into tampons, for God’s sake, to me, that’s a scam.”
  • A common testing method can’t determine the difference between CBD and THC, with serious consequences for some.