The vaping-related illness stalking US states crossed the border with the report of a London, ON–area high school student who was placed on life support due to vaping-related respiratory illness. (He has recovered.) The student was a daily e-cigarette user.
CTV News

  • Medical officials gathered information about the e-cigarette brands the student used and have passed it on to the federal chief medical officer of health, who is gathering information about vaping devices.
  • The case is fuelling public anger and suspicion about increased rates of teen vaping.
    CBC London
  • A spokesperson for Ontario’s Health Ministry said two possible cases of vaping-related illness were under investigation.

Provincial health minister Christine Elliott said all Ontario hospitals have been ordered to report vaping-related illnesses to the provincial chief medical officer of health.
Globe and Mail

  • Elliott discussed the possibility of bans on flavoured vape products to dissuade teen users.

I haven’t yet read a single article about Canadian vape illness that acknowledged widespread suspicion of illicit diluting agents, particularly vitamin E oil, as a likely cause of some or many vaping-related illnesses.

Quick Hits

  1. The BC government has banned cannabis advertising anywhere alcohol is licensed as an effort to discourage mixing the two products.
    The Straight
  2. Pelham—the Ontario town where CannTrust’s grew illicit cannabis—acknowledged public pressure and placed a moratorium on new cannabis facilities, but a cannabis producer is suing to quash the moratorium.
    Niagara This Week, Welland Tribune