Frustrations continue to simmer following the BC Community Safety Unit’s raid of beloved (and tacitly approved) Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club. The conflict has fired up rhetoric from unlicensed operators eager to change the increasingly corporate face of cannabis.
Inside the Jar

  • The “Community Safety Unit,” is separate from the RCMP and the Vancouver police, created to bust post-legalization illicit growers and sellers, and empowered to enter premises without warrants and seize evidence.
    Inside the Jar
  • Longtime unlicensed grower and legalization advocate Travis Lane wrote a thread balancing the merits and perils of illicit growers entering the legal market, while Jamie Shaw wrote a thread about the effect of the busts on MED patients who prefer unlicensed compassion clubs to the federal LP system. Both are worth reading.

In an article about the battle between legal and unlicensed dispensaries, REC store-chain CEO William MacLean came out aggressively in favour of police busting unlicensed shops.

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  1. A Centre for Addiction and Mental Health study found stoned drivers tended to be inappropriately slow and have difficulty keeping their vehicles centred in their lanes. But the research also tested the same drivers 24 and 48 hours later, during which they showed no signs of motor impairment. Some believe the research proves zero-tolerance-within-24-hours driving rules are unscientific.
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