Thursday will mark one year of legal REC in Canada, and this week’s most striking figure is that Canadians only bought $1.1B worth of legal cannabis (REC and MED) in that time. That represents roughly 105,000 kg of an estimated 924,000 kg of dry flower consumed across the country annually.

Retail is working best in Alberta, which cracked 300 REC stores this week, one for every 14,571 residents. Newfoundland follows with one license per 20,862. Quebec, meanwhile, has one license per 404,046, and Ontario has one per 606,039 Ontarians.
Twitter—Sol Isreal

Fewer than 10% of users burned through two thirds of all cannabis consumed in Canada in 2018. The group is largely composed of men aged 15 to 34, which mirrors patterns of excess alcohol consumption.
Prince George Citizen, Vancouver Sun