Last weekend, cannabis communities across Canada were rocked by the news that firebrand activist, MED patient and advocate, businesswoman, and larger-than-life personality Tracey Curley had died at home of unspecified causes.
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  • As NICHE executive director Jenna Valleriani wrote in a moving tribute, Curley was feared, loved, and respected for her confrontational attitude and her unbending ethical devotion to patients at a time when, “There was no ‘industry,’ just a grassroots community of people engaging in civil disobedience because the laws needed to change.”
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  • Figures from across the sector paid tribute to Curley online.
  • I only ever met Tracy very briefly but I got the sense that everything I’d heard about her was true. She was an intense and powerful character whose advocacy made many MED patients feel supported and loved. Her passing is an immense loss to the cannabis community, the cannabis business sector, and above all to her many friends and loved ones.

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  1. The federal Liberal government’s cannabis records-suspension Bill C-93 passed through the house and returned to the Senate, which sits for four more weeks before summer.
  2. Ontario Provincial Police in the Kawartha Lakes region charged one man with being in control of a boat with cannabis readily available, while also charging his boating companion for having an open container of liquor.
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  3. Police in Aurora, Ontario laid multiple charges against a cannabis-delivery driver.
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