Toronto police raided one of the holdout locations of Toronto dispensary chain CAFE. The Ford government recently closed a legal loophole preventing dispensary raids on locations in which people lived, and police evicted one angry man who tried to push his way through police, who claimed he had nothing to do with the dispensary but was just a tenant getting cheap rent.
CityNews, CBC Toronto

  • CAFE pioneered use of the loophole to prevent raids.
  • Bylaw enforcement officers said they had intended to block the entrance with concrete blocks, to prevent owners from reopening the stores, but the machine operator said overhead wires were too low to safely crane the blocks into place.

Quick Hits

  1. The RCMP’s federal and serious crimes unit conducted a series of raids in the Vancouver suburbs, netting 1,180 kilos of illicit cannabis that had been produced in a licensed MED facility for export to Europe and arresting six. They also seized 5,300 plants from the facility that was licensed to grow 300.
    Vancouver Sun

  2. Dartmouth, NS, police raided the Atlantic Compassion Club Society, charging 13.
    CBC Nova Scotia