Tilray reported a 126% increase in sales year-over-year, though a US$30M impairment left the company posting an improved net loss of US$184.1 (down from $219.1M last quarter), and a US$19.7M loss in adjusted EBITDA. Net revenue was $47.1M.
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CEO Kennedy offered some optimism, saying Fortune 500 companies are warming to investment in the sector, thanks in part to cannabis stocks descending from dizzy heights.
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  1. Ottawa’s Hybrid Pharm opened the first pharmacy outside of Shoppers Drug Mart with a sales license, and may provide both traditional pharmaceuticals and MED. (They are not licensed to compound cannabis.)
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  2. Demand for pediatric MED is increasing, even as most pediatricians are uncomfortable prescribing MED to children. The Canadian Paediatric Society will publish guidelines this summer.
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