Tilray inked an agreement to merge with American private equity company Privateer Holdings, which previously owned roughly 77% of Tilray (75M shares). Privateer will become a wholly owned Tilray subsidiary.
CBC Business, Financial Post

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  1. The average online price of legal REC in five provinces has increased to $10.42 per gram even as supplies are becoming more stable.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall
  2. An industry analyst forecasted a dried-cannabis oversupply by the end of the year. “By January, we are going to be swimming in dried cannabis biomass,” he said. The Leaf‘s Solomon Israel noted oversupply would drive down cost of legal REC, which would diminish the illicit market.
    Financial Post
  3. Companies planning to expand cannabis operations into Latin America and the Caribbean can read up on the process in a new guide from Meritas Law Firms.
    Twitter—Trina Fraser