Once vaping cannabis extracts is legalized in the fall, analysts expect vape-pens and other related technology for vaping extracts to occupy a sizeable share of the market. LPs are enthused because the retail price of extracts is nearly ten times that of dry flower, but everyone’s rushing to get ready in time.
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Selling packaging to cannabis producers is big business. With edibles, beverages, extracts, and topicals about to come on the market, the cannabis-packaging industry will get more complicated, but no less lucrative. Here’s a chart of how many grams of packaging each LP uses to hold a few grams of flower.
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Baked Edibles founder Brandon Wright, now CEO of legal edibles maker Dynaleo, warned the cannabis industry does not yet have a unified system of testing standards and methodologies for already-legal products. Noting inconsistent standards led to public wariness of edibles, Wright warned that the approach of ingestibles legalization will likely overwhelm the testing system.
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  1. Health Canada has updated guidance for regulated parties.

  2. Aurora partnered with the UFC to research and develop CBD-related products designed to soothe professional fighter injuries.
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