COVID-19 forced the organizers to cancel Burning Man for the first time since the festival began in 1986, but some folks showed up at the playa anyway:
Reno Gazette-Journal

An effigy made of tiki torches greets a group of Burners wandering around in the darkness Saturday night on the Black Rock Desert playa.

“Is this your first Burning Man?” one Burner asks.

“It’s my first not Burning Man,” the other responds.

Some described it as reminiscent of before the festival became a “big bloat.” One attendee described it as “Imagine Burning Man for introverts. Everyone’s 200 feet away from each other and just having a chill time.”

  • There was also a virtual Burning Man on a sanctioned platform called Kindling featuring “eight phantasmagorical universes.”
    Reno-Gazette Journal