An aspiring toronto REC store owner applied for a Retail Store Approval (RSA) in March, but the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario says she’ll get it in September. (She’ll have to pay rent on her storefront until then).
The Star

Though the AGCO hasn’t formally set a cap, it began planning in January to license five stores per week. Consultant CannDelta reported the Ontario Government has since ordered the number capped at five per week, though critics say the AGCO could and should license many more.
BNN Bloomberg, Twitter–@CannDelta, @ProfMJArmstrong

In BC, publicly traded REC retailer Choom (with 18 stores in three provinces) appealed Vancouver’s rejection of its plan to open a REC store in the Coal Harbour neighbourhood, but the appeal contained allegedly forged letters from local businesses supporting the store, signed by bogus employees.
Vancouver Sun